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Hi readers, 2010 has come and gone, 2011 is well on the way, and we at CWNW are rejoicing in Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Our aims are still the same: “To reach out to those who have been hurt in churches and don't want to go back in.”
“ To reach people on the streets who wouldn't necessarily go into a church, and if they did the church most likely would not know what to do with them.”

We are seeing transformations every week nearly, which thrills us all to the heart every time.

One of the major milestones of 2010 was CWNW becoming part of Hobart Baptist Church. This has given us a home and much needed backing. For this we thank all who participated in the lead up to our amalgamation, “ A Big Thank You from us all.”

Many people approach us and say,”What can we do to help?”

Our wish is that some of you would come visit us, we would consider it an honour if you would share with us. WE ARE PART OF YOU! But it is hard to feel part of something, if you do not know those of whom you are supposed to be part of! So please take us up on our open invitation and come spend an afternoon getting to know us, and us you!

At this point we would like to say thank you to those who have crossed the line, we do hope you enjoyed your visit and do come again, SOON!

A big thank you to Stephen Baxter for all his support to us and to our Pastor Frank.

Pastor Frank has had a dream come true in finally being married to Eva last October 29, after her arrival from her home in the Philippines. She has brought with her a wealth of knowledge, especially in music, computing, and making new arrivals feel welcomed at church, as many have already experienced.

Monday night Home Group at Pastor Frank and Eva's, starting at 6pm with a BBQ, is going from strength to strength, with attendances averaging 10+ . Hey, why not join them for a fun time of food, fellowship and the, “Word,” that changes lives. More details, phone them on 03/62672747 or Ps Frank on 0409794325, they will love to hear from you!

We have a time of fellowship and our studies can take all sorts of tracks, depending on who is present on that particular night. Those who are reading this and come from down Kingston, Blackmans Bay, Margate why not come and join us, Pastor Frank and Eva would be over the Moon I am sure.

Our 6.30 pm Mid Week Church is going from strength to strength with attendances upwards of 10 to 15. At present we are working through the Book of Romans and finding it really exciting, not to mention mind blowing, and life changing! Once again we put out an invitation, “Why not come along?” We would love to have you.”

The coming on line of Food Bank is a great asset to us, as now we can do something positive in regards hunger in our city. So far we have, in the first two weeks of February, distributed 34 food hampers costing the recipients, if they can afford it, $10.00 for upwards of $50+ of non perishable food. For more information contact iether Timmy Dunn: 0418523655 or Ps Frank: 0409794325 or Food Bank direct: 0362484974.

“Do you realize that over 1 in every 10 Australians cannot feed themselves and/or their families adequately.”

Our Sunday Services, at 2pm, are well attended with upwards of 20 to30 each Sunday. We have a rousing time of Worship, led by our music group with Murray on guitar. This is followed by a time of sharing, and a message. Our real strength is in the fellowship afterwards round a cup of tea or coffee. Many is the heart that is changed during these times of close contact.

“So come, join us?

We are, “A Rescue Shop a yard from Hell”, “Plundering Hell to Populate Heaven!” Hallelujah!

This is CWNW's

Church with No Walls
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